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From David You <>
Subject RE: High Traffic Scenario for Velocity
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 22:12:26 GMT
My experience is that velocity and pure JSP have no real difference in terms
of performance. BUT, if you are using JSP with Taglib, then, velocity will
perform much better than JSP/Taglib. I have found Taglib to be a real drag
for performance, we have to replace Tags with scriptlet in some cases to get
acceptable user response time. Also I think Taglib make JVM hotspot
optimization difficult. As a result, if you are using hotspot(which I guess
very one does), you will see even bigger difference.

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From: Mike Curwen [] 
Sent: Wednesday, October 06, 2004 3:05 PM
To: 'Velocity Users List'
Subject: RE: High Traffic Scenario for Velocity

not sure what " Velocity just isn't compiled code. " means.

Do you mean serverside java app isn't compiled code, unlike cgi sites that
use compiled c/c++ ?  
velocity itself is as compiled as everything else running in the jvm (class
files are the result of a compilation).

So that leaves the templates.  And you already know the AST is cached.
Templates are parsed (not compiled), and only parsed once.  And anecdotal
evidence suggests that Velocity templates whip JSP in the speed department
(even "pre-compiled" JSP's).  

Or did you mean "Velocity isn't just compiled code." ?  Cause in that case,
I refer you back to the anecdotal evidence that cached AST whips compiled
code (if that compiled code is your typical JSP).

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> From: Jochen Toppe [] 
> Sent: Wednesday, October 06, 2004 4:19 PM
> To: Velocity Users List
> Subject: Re: High Traffic Scenario for Velocity
> Resin used to be faster than Tomcat 3.x, but with TC 5.0? I 
> somehow doubt it is that much faster anymore, but I haven't 
> seen any numbers lately.
> As to the high traffic site. Soon, I'm working on it, 600 
> million PI/month enough? OK, it won't solely be velocity 
> based, just to allow the customer to exchange little snippets 
> inside the portal framework using their own templates. I am 
> however fortunate enough to use a CMS system with excellent 
> caching and not to have to generate fully personalized pages.
> Load tests are pending in our project, I do expect a 
> degradation in performance, that is obvious. Velocity just 
> isn't compiled code. I don't expect it to be a problem 
> though, there is that cache :)
> As far as caching is concerned, one can always look into 
> using a caching framework like oscache ( on 
> top of everything. Velocity itself just caches the parsed AST 
> trees (which is good, I would hate to have to reparse the 
> templates all the time). That and good design are probably 
> all you need.

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