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From Alexandre Torres <>
Subject Avoiding Line Breaks in macros
Date Thu, 14 Oct 2004 21:51:47 GMT
It is possible to avoid line break generation when calling a macro?
for example:
#macro (duh)
after the joke #daa() said duh.
This will generate:

after the joke John             <---line break
said duh.

I'm trying to generate no HTML content, so, it will be important to
control line break and space generation. I took a look in the docs,
but can't find much about this.
Should I use classes instead of macros (well, macros are much better in my case)

I 'm a little bit lost in this line break generation with #comands
too, I did search in the past messages but it's hard to find
information (or I'm too newbie in velocity).

Thanks for any tip.

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