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From Mike J Boyersmith <>
Subject Re: anakia question and possible problem
Date Tue, 18 Jan 2005 17:04:49 GMT
Thanks Shinobu Kawai for getting back to me,

a few comments on your comments :D,

>>You need to execute Anakia via the Ant task.  What you are doing here
>>is processing Velocity via normal java application.

yup, I know, I was looking at the various ways velocity could be used. The 
first example on the
anakia page shows anakia being called via java. 

>>## BTW, I think you can get it to work by putting
>>root.getRootElement() in the Context as "root"

will try your suggesting and call getRootElement()
and see if that makes any diff, though the web page says $root is the root 
of the document.
Anakia is definately not well documented IMO.

>>## Although there is a movement towards XSLT.

We currently use XSLT but are running into bigger issues with the 
1) Large xml data causes performance problems when using XSLT
2) Seperating the presentation from the processing. We want to give our 
   a way to customize the html that is produced, without having to go mess 
with the XSLT. 
3) I looked at the jakarta-site2.html and it says
     "The Jakarta website is based on .xml files which are transformed 
into .html files using XSLT via an Ant task."

then I go look at anakia page and it says

     "Anakia is being used to create the documentation for not only this 
website, but also for the Jakarta Project's website as well as many of the 
projects that live under the Jakarta Project. This process is documented 
(this is a link) on the site. 

Click on the documentation link and it says XSLT is being used... anakia 
docs seem to be out of date or misleading at the least.

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