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From Simon Christian <>
Subject Re: JarResourceLoader
Date Fri, 04 Mar 2005 11:17:05 GMT
Hi Stan,

Stan Devyatovsky wrote:
> Hello Shinobu,
>>> If I use JarResourceLoader, will any uploads of new .jar with
>>> templates be notified by it?
>>> I.e., I first uploaded templates.jar, started webapp,
>>> then reuploaded modified templates.jar - will my modifications
>>> take place without restarting webapplication?
> SK> It should.  If you look at the JarResourceLoader implementation,
> SK> you'll notice that isSourceModified is always true.
> In that case, it will always recompile the Velocity templates from
> .JAR file, no matter what? That's not too performance-wise in that
> case.

Not strictly - if caching is on it will only check if the source has 
been 'modified' and therefore recompile according to the interval 
specified in


In a production environment, you'd probably expect to set that to quite 
a high value anyway.

- simon

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