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From "Florin Vancea" <>
Subject Re: Velocity vs JSP vs FreeMarker
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2005 05:28:11 GMT
And one more I did not see in the thread (or even elsewhere):

The developer's cycle is incredibly short with Velocity (at least in my
I used to do JSP and with the best setup I could figure, any change in JSP
source meant a server-side JSP recompile (good seconds lost in
modify-compile-run-check cycle).
With Velocity and auto-loading it's instant. And better yet, I can change
directly the source files in the CVS'ed source tree, since I'm having a
FileLoader hooked at development time in the loader chain.
It's incredibly comfortable: just change and immediately see the result. If
it's good - commit directly to CVS.

On production runtime speed: I was also concerned about the speed but I
found out that there are so many other speed-eating issues in a full-blown
webapp that the difference between rendering JSP and rendering Velocity
simply does not count.


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From: "jian chen" <>
To: "Velocity Users List" <>
Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2005 6:35 AM
Subject: Re: Velocity vs JSP vs FreeMarker

> Hi, All,
> I have quite some experience with JSP and Velocity. To say it short, I
> think Velocity is THE way to go. Reasons below:
> 1) Velocity syntax is very easy to recognize in any html template.
> Other templating systems like FreeMarker, makes it really hard to see
> what is the artificial html and what is the real one.
> 2) Speed-wise, who cares if JSP is some millisecond faster or not.
> Given any reasonable machine, Velocity is good enough.
> 3) Velocity is WAY much simpler than the JSP mess. To be honest, I
> don't like Sun's approach to make things unnecessarily complicated,
> such as the JSP tag lib crap.
> To a java developer who never does Web development, Velocity is a lot
> easier to pick up, while you need to read a lot in order to master the
> JSP intricacies (again due to the fact Sun introduced lot of features
> in JSP which only make developers clueless, JSF, JSTL, etc.)
> 4) Velocity engine itself also provides a very small footprint I think
> compared to the full-blown JSP engine with all the "fancy" features
> that might get used once in a blue moon.
> 5) There are much more benefits using Velocity than JSP which I don't
> need to list here.
> Overall, Velocity is small, simple and efficient. That is what I like it
> Jian
> On Apr 6, 2005 8:26 AM, Edmund Urbani <> wrote:
> > Ryan Lea wrote:
> > > Just wondering if anyone has used/tried/investigated all 3 of these as
> > > views (from MVC) and has any opinions on them??
> > >
> > > As a bit of a site note as well, has anyone used them with WebWork??
> > >
> > > cheers
> > >
> > > Ryan Lea
> > > Web Developer
> > >
> >
> > I have got experience with JSP and Velocity (never used FreeMarker or
> > I started with JSP a few years back, then I switched to Velocity and
> > right now I am considering to go back to JSP for a new project.
> >
> > Both allow developers to stick to MVC and create nice, clean,
maintainable pages.
> > Both allow developers to mess around.
> >
> > Velocity does have a nice syntax for simple things like iterations, ifs,
> > and you can define macros, which can be very useful to let templates
> > things. You need no Java code to do this, it's all built-in. You can not
> > include Java Code in your templates (that may be considered both - a
good and
> > a bad thing). Velocity does unexpected things with null values, or
rather it does
> > not do anything with them besides writing to the log.
> >
> > In comparison JSPs are faster (once they have been compiled) and they
will always
> > be, because they do not rely on reflection/bean mechanisms. To me, the
> > that JSP is compiled to Java classes is its biggest advantage over
templating engines
> > like Velocity, and the reason why I am considering switching back to it.
> > Compiling does inform you about many sorts of errors you can make EARLY
> > vs run-time). Also, because JSPs do get translated to Java Code, I can
use all kinds
> > of Java development tools on them. Eg. I can take a look at the call
> > of one of my methods and see which JSPs use that method (that advantage
can be
> > eliminated by using <jsp:bean /> tags instead of simply calling
> >
> > Well, now that I have said that much in favor of JSP, I can already feel
the wrath
> > of the velocity community upon me - just kidding ;)
> >
> > I hope that someone will speak in favor of Velocity on this list though!
> >
> > Cheers
> >   Edmund
> >
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