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Subject Re: Problem with decimal in most recent snapshot
Date Sat, 16 Apr 2005 04:44:43 GMT
Thanks Will,

I already had almost duplicate code from the VelocityViewServlet.initVelocity(config) method.
  At this point it is not a matter of knowing what to do, but just not liking my choices so

I use a MVC paradigm where previously the ServletContext did not need to be up into the Model
to get the emailing to work.   Now I either have to do what I did and extend or pass the ServletContext
through the Model.

This is just a silly perfectionist never statisfied programmer drawling.  Likely a week from
now something will click and I will have a better way.  Maybe I have to figure out a better
way to seperate out this View code.

Oddly I appreciate the thought in the changes in 1.5 to make the VelocityViewServelet seperate
as it makes it more generic.  It also just makes mixed appliactions that work off of a webapp
base a bit more complicated.

Appreciative JohnE still thinking

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