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From Barbara Baughman <>
Subject Re: help - text within { } is not rendered by the engine
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2005 00:12:41 GMT
I can replicate this behavior, and it looks like a bug.

If you have a "$" followed by letters (something in the context or not
in the context), followed by a {, whatever follows the { is removed
until it gets to whitespace.

So $c1{something} -> $c1{
   $c1{something  -> $c1{
   $c1{something} More text -> $c1{ More text
   $c1{something More text -> $c1{ More text

If $c1 is in the Velocity context with a value "Hello", then it is
   $c1{something} ->Hello{
   $c1{something  ->Hello{
   $c1{something More text ->Hello{ More text

Not good behavior for a templating language.

Barbara Baughman

On Thu, 31 Mar 2005, Ricardo wrote:

> Hi,I decided to post this question one more time in case this time someone has an answer
to this problem. I am using velocity 1.4. I am having problems when rendering text that is
enclosed within { }. Here's my velocity template:Hello $name! Welcome to Velocity!$c1{name}$c2{phone}Here's
the output I get:Hello John! Welcome to Velocity!$c1{$c2{$name is a velocity reference. $c1
and $c2 are not velocity references. So, what I was expecting to get in the generated document
is the following:Hello John! Welcome to Velocity!$c1{name}$c2{phone}As shown above, I am not
expecting velocity to make any changes to the $c1 and $c2 lines. However, the engine is removing
the text after the '{' character. Any ideas on what is wrong with my template? Thanks.
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