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From Shinobu Kawai <>
Subject Re: byte order mark and InputStreamReader problem
Date Mon, 02 May 2005 19:01:31 GMT
Hi Jian,

> I created a template in UTF8 encoding on my windows machine. When I
> rendered it on the web, the browser connected to the server fine but
> then it waited infinitely.
> I then modified the problematic template and got rid of the byte order
> mark (BOM) at the very beginning of the template. This time, the page
> loaded  successfully in the browser.
> What I am getting at is, Velocity uses, and
> given UTF8 encoding, the InputStreamReader does not handle the byte
> order mark.
> I also read somewhere that this problem of not able to handle BOM  has
> been a long standing bug with JDK implementation.
> Now, just want to know you guys idea if Velocity should be hacked to
> use a custom-made InputStreamReader that could open the file, detect
> the encoding, and discard the byte order mark, if applicable.

Currently, there's a ResourceLoader which handles this issue up on bugzilla.

Best regards,
-- Shinobu

Shinobu Kawai <>

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