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From Shinobu Kawai <>
Subject Re: deployment of applet class
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 22:32:23 GMT
Hi Jill,

> 1. applet class without package

## snip

>        But in this way, it really slowed down the process of drawing a
> graph.  It seems it will load the applet forever.

Depending on the environment, I think the browser will cache the jars,
making it faster to load from the second time.

> 2. applet with package
>        I build a applet class with package. and then place it into a
> corresponding folder in WEB-INF/classes/
>        Such  applet tag in a velocity template will not work anymore:
>        <table cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 border=0 width="808">
>        <APPLET CODEBASE='$content.getURI
>                  ("WEB-INF/classes/com/correspondingclassfolder/")'
>          code = 'CustomObject.class'  WIDTH = 300 HEIGHT = 300>
>        </APPLET>
>        </table>
>        It will be such 'ClassNoFound' error.
> So, my bottom line question is how to integrate applet class into the
> velocity page, where to put it.

Applets are client-side technology.  So it will not have access to the
unexposed WEB-INF directory.  I suggest you put what is needed by the
applet in a jar and refer to it with the "archive" attribute like in

Best regards,
-- Shinobu

Shinobu Kawai <>

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