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From Tim Diggins <>
Subject Problems with Overloaded Methods
Date Fri, 06 May 2005 11:13:57 GMT
Hi -

I'm having problems when calling overloaded methods from a vm template. 
Typically this is a $util.makeHref($thing), where makeHref has several 
overloads. If there is in an exact match between the method class and 
the runtime classe of $thing, then there isn't a problem. But if $thing 
is a subtype of one of the overloads (implementation or extension) then 
velocity seems not to find it (just prints $util.makeHref($thing). (And 
once (I can't repeat it) I got a null pointer error within the velocity 
classes (no reference to my code at all in the traceback) - this may 
have been my error, but I __think__ it was actually some kind of 
introspection problem with a complicated set of overloaded methods).

I noticed that Attila Szegedi (from 2002 - see
was offering to change the (then) current velocity mechanism for 
introspecting the correct overload so it matched the JLS mechanism... 
Did this ever happen?

More importantly (I think) is there any write-up of the current 
mechanism (heuristic) that velocity uses?

(Apologies if I ought to have put this on the dev list, but I feel it is 
really a user question, so ought to check the user list first.)

many thanks

Tim Diggins

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