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From mailmur <>
Subject Re: Loaders and Hashtable+Vector legacy use?
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2005 05:02:07 GMT
The following changes where made
* added src/java/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file
_all_ java packages should have a _meaninfull_
manifest file. This is a sort of win exefile's
VersionInfo tabsheet and is really a good quality of

* modified build/build.xml file
create jars with given file
- added src/java/meta-inf to prepare copyfile set
- added compile-copy-metainf target and use it in
various jarXXX targets

* modified resourceloaders
- removed unnecessary synchronized blocks to slow
things down
- converted legacy Vector and hashtable classes to
ArrayList and HashMap, this is another performance
optimization. No need to use legacy classes anymore.
They are _implicitly_ synchronized so slow this down
if we don't need any synchronization. 

Note: many part of internal velocity engine still use
legacy classes, but we have to live with it at the

- - - 
I could not make a diff files, probably am missing a
diff tool or am just a n000b. I tried to google but
could not find anything I should install.

Environment: Win2k,EclipseIDE,RapidSVN client

Until then, I have posted a link to my webpage and a
zipfile where is all files modified.

svn diff > patch.txt is not clearly a full command.
RapidSVN menu has a diff option, I tried preferences
to point it to "svn.exe diff" tool but did not work.
Then I have VisDiff.exe in WinCVS client, but it just
displayed a graphical comparision.

Oh why always its so complicated to make even simple
point-and-click tasks :-(

--- Will Glass-Husain <> wrote:
> Sounds good so far.  I use the "svn" command line
> client, the "TortoiseSVN" client for use in Windows,
and the Subclipse integrated with Eclipse.

> (4) Make a diff file in "unified" format with this
> command: svn diff > patch.txt

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