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From Bob Tarling <>
Subject Velocity vs Jamon
Date Mon, 04 Jul 2005 10:30:04 GMT
Apologies in advance, I can't help but think this must have asked
before but I can't find where to search the user list.

I'm in the early stages of choosing a template engine to use to
replace the PGML generation of and  with something simpler and more standard
than GEF's own proprietary tee file templates.

One of the problems with the tee templates is that they are complex
and interpreted at runtime and the java application is inspected by
reflection. It is easy for the developer to make a mistake and this is
only spotted at run time.

I was hoping to find a template engine that offered as much compile
time safety as possible.

Am I correct in thinking that Velocity would give me the same lack of
compile time safety as my current tee files?

Are there any plans to produce a velocity template compiles against
the rest of my application?

It's not the performance of reflection that concerns me, more the
compile time safety - are there any tools that can validate a velocity
template against the source or bytecode of my application? If I can
add this as an ant task then I would consider this as comile time

I'm keen to look at Velocity based on its reputation and my experience
with other apache products. Any plans to embed JXPath expressions?



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