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From "Michael Oliver" <>
Subject template path
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2005 16:15:24 GMT
I would like to set a property in the Velocity Engine so I can load a
template from the classpath.

I have a number of different templates that are related to various packages
and classes and it would be easier if I built my jar file with the templates
in the same path as the classes.

I would then name the templates the same and change the template path to
match the package path of the class it relates to.

Is the following the right way?

 * create a new instance of the engine
VelocityEngine ve = new VelocityEngine();
  * configure the engine. In this case, we are using * ourselves as a
  * logger (see logging examples..)
ve.setProperty(VelocityEngine.RUNTIME_LOG_LOGSYSTEM, this);
ve.setProperty(Velocity.FILE_RESOURCE_LOADER_PATH, myPackagePath);

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Mike Oliver
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Las Vegas, NV 89156
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fax: (702)974-0341
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