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From "Tim Colson \(tcolson\)" <>
Subject RE: Language Lawyer question (was: Re: syntax issue)
Date Thu, 25 Aug 2005 18:24:31 GMT
> > I'd love to see the Velocity introspector to move closer to the
> > bean spec (though it probably predates it...).
The introspector was built to be more lenient than the bean spec, so for
example, will work with a hashmap by also trying
object.get("foo"). This is extremely useful for passing in disposable
value objects. 

My opinion, the Bean Spec is for programmers... the last time I tried to
explain a "bean" to an HTML/Tempalte author, it wasn't pretty. :-)

> No, I disagree.  Velocity should be more accepting rather than less. 
> (I've previously argued we should make the entire language 
> case-insensitive). 
Interesting... I could go +1 for that. 

> Many template writers aren't programmers - let's keep things simple.
+1 Even when the template author IS a programmer -- I still want to keep
templates simple. :-)


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