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From Nathan Bubna <>
Subject Re: newbie - can't get VelocityServlet to read configuration file
Date Mon, 15 Aug 2005 22:18:27 GMT
yeah, i guess the VelocityServlet still supports the old "properties"
param name, but warns about it.  the VVS (VelocityViewServlet) will
only work with the "" param name.

the VVS isn't any more or less for "mainly for parsing templates
directly" than the VelocityServlet.  it's just the next generation of
the VelocityServlet, having both bugfixes and enhancements.  the
biggest enhancement is the toolbox support, though the fact that it
uses the WebappLoader by default is quite nice too.  even if you don't
use the VVS as-is, you should still find useful patterns and code in
both it and the rest of VelocityTools for doing webapp development
with Velocity.

as for your original problem, something odd is going on (probably in
your use of velocity) if the properties file is being read, but makes
no difference.

tell me, are you using the singleton (Velocity.blahblah) or not
(VelocityEngine.blahblah) in your servlet?  and what is it that tells
you that the properties are making no difference?

On 8/15/05, James Closs <> wrote:
> On 15 Aug 2005, at 21:00, Nathan Bubna wrote:
> > which documentation?  we should get that changed.  i'm pretty sure the
> > docs for the VelocityViewServlet are right.
> The docs (
> guide.html#Using%20Velocity%20In%20Servlets under 'deployment') for
> VelocityServlet are incorrect, or outdated anyway.
> I have tried both param names and neither solve my problem
> unfortunately. I will try the VelocityViewServlet but thought this
> was mainly for parsing templates directly, the stuff I need to do is
> much too complex to fit within a template (ie I need to make http
> connections to a different server etc).
> I could be misunderstanding though - more reading to do : )
> When using 'properties' on its own as a param name I got a warning
> message in the logs that this name had been deprecated though.
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