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From Nathan Bubna <>
Subject Re: Struts and I18N
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2005 21:43:52 GMT
Hi Neal,

have you checked out the Struts example application in VelocityTools? 
It includes a number of "mini-webapps" that demonstrate using various
Struts features with VelocityTools.  I believe the mini-webapp "app1"
demonstrates use of the MessageTool for internationalization.

also, i'm curious where/how your are generating these emails?  are you
doing this within the servlet? is it as part of a servlet request? 
where/how are you creating/getting a Context to merge with the

there's a lot that's unclear to me about the way you are approaching
this.  and to try and clear up your last curiousity there:  yeah, the
VelocityViewServlet is the main way in which the MessageTool is
initialized and added to the Context before processing the template. 
so, depending on where/how you are processing your email templates, it
may be easy to get a working MessageTool, or it may not.  it's hard to
say without knowing your setup better.

On 8/24/05, Neal Smith <> wrote:
> Hi All,
>   I am new to Velocity and am working on part of our application written by someone else.
>   The app is using Velocity to generate emails.  Currently, we have templates that have
hardcoded English text in them.  I am trying to I18N these templates so that they pick up
text from our .properties files.
>   I believe I don't have things setup correctly, but I can't seem to find a "full" example
that explains everything end-to-end, so I can't figure out how to verify this.  From Googling,
I see that lots of people seem to have similar problems, but none of their solutions seem
to work for me.  I think it's involved with how we use the templates, but I'm too new to know
for sure.
>   I have dl'd the 1.1 Tools.  I have only copied the velocity-tools-1.1.jar to my lib
directory, because it didn't seem like I needed the rest of it and I already have Struts.
 (Am I wrong?)  I have setup the web.xml and toolbox.xml just like the Velocity website says.
 I have updated part of the template with the following line:
> <head>
>   <title>$msg.get("app.title.txt") - Alert Details</title>
>   #include($styleSheet)
> </head>
>   When I run this I get:
> 2:4:43 WARN  lang org.apache.velocity.runtime.exception.ReferenceException: refe
> rence : template = /com/sas/aml/velocity/email/alert_details.vm [line 5,column 1
> 0] : $msg.get("app.title.txt") is not a valid reference.
>   The real interesting part, to me anyway, is that we are not accessing these templates
through regular Struts forwards, etc.  From what I understand VelocityViewServlet is necessary
to use the MessageTool?  We are using VelocityEngine (via mergeTemplate) and I believe that
I'll need to replace this with usage of VelocityViewServlet?
>   As you can tell, I'm getting very fuzzy on all of this last part.  Any help is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Neal Smith
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