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From Andrew Mason <>
Subject Whitespace and Nitpicking
Date Sat, 08 Oct 2005 13:20:47 GMT

Can I just make a quick point on the whole whitespace issue. Velocity provides 
you with a couple of ways to handle your  own output. For example using 
String writers etc...I use a really nice set of classes called JTidy for HTML 
output, you can run your output through that and create perfectly tidy HTML 
(and valid if your designer isn't so talented). There is also nothing to stop 
you from writing your own cleaner for other languages where an implementation 
isn't already there. I can understand why people want these features in 
velocity, Yes it would be handy, yes it should be added as enough people want 
it, but I'm not sure it's as critical as many people make it out to be (i 
could be wrong). You are given methods to allow you to run the output through 
what ever classes you want. The only time where this may not work is when 
your doing servlets with the old VelocityServlet (i still don't use 
VelocityViewServlet yet so the option maybe available in that too).


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