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From Andrew Mason <>
Subject VelocityServlet and Properties file
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2005 16:12:38 GMT
Ok, I know VelocityServlet is depricated in favour of the VelocityViewServlet 
but i started my web-app before VelocityServlet became deprecated so to keep 
consistency (for now) i'm using it.

Anyway my problem is that my servlet can't seem to find my template. I've 
tried putting it in / , /obb, /obb/WEB-INF but it doesn't seem like it wants 
to pick it up at all. Also i'm not sure that its picking up the file. 

I got around this problem in the other servlets by overwriting the 
loadConfig() and making a new instance of Property. This was fine until i 
actually wanted to specify some of my own and it would be handy to have them 
all in one place.

thanks in advance

public class EditPage extends VelocityServlet{

	public Template handleRequest(HttpServletRequest request,
		HttpServletResponse response,Context context) {

		// stuff in here
		//Merge the Template now
                		String templateName="edit.vm";
				template = getTemplate(templateName);
			catch(ResourceNotFoundException rnfe){
			catch(Exception e){
		return template;

and my directory structure works like this (slightly different to normal as it 
allows me to use mod_jk to map to / )

						- web.xml
	- obb.war
	- edit.vm
	- index.vm

resource.loader = file
file.resource.loader.description = Velocity File Resource Loader
file.resource.loader.class = 
file.resource.loader.path = .
file.resource.loader.cache = false
file.resource.loader.modificationCheckInterval = 0

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