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From Jason Pettiss <>
Subject Re: [ANN] Viento - WHY?
Date Fri, 07 Oct 2005 00:30:56 GMT
He was answering the question that was originally asked-- how come so 
many different template frameworks, why doesn't every developer just 
flock to one and we all work in one big happy template commune.  And the 
answer should be obvious given the here.  Everyone has an agenda.  Some 
have an agenda to bitterly whine on other user lists about their project 
not being as popular as they want it to be.  Others have an agenda to 
continue support software which is developed by the foundation they 
belong to under the licensing terms and software model they believe in, 
thus every point in the FAQ is relevant.

But I found this snippet from his email particularly useful relevant:

Can we please have an understanding, that this is the users list of
the Velocity project of the Jakarta project of the Apache Software
Foundation. It is intended as a forum where Velocity users can discuss
about Velocity and ask questions and the contributors and committers
try to answer these questions. It is __not__ an advocacy forum or a list
to discuss if there are different solutions for the problem space that
Velocity lives in. It is also not a feature comparisation or product
promotion forum. There are general and advocacy lists inside the ASF
where this behaviour is tolerated and even encouraged.

So bugger off, already.

Jonathan Revusky wrote:

> Henning P. Schmiedehausen wrote:
>> Daniel Dekany <> writes:
>> The fact that you cut out the answer to your actual question and all the
>> relevant arguments shows how much you are actually interested in that
>> answer.
> Well, I can't speak for Daniel, but I am kind of interested in trying 
> to understand what point it is you're trying to make. So could you 
> help me out here?
> On 30 September, you posted the following message:
> in which you say that Daniel just "doesn't get it". You suggested that 
> he should re-read the document at:
> There are 19 points in the FAQ there. I could not see how any of them 
> had any relevance to what we were talking about. However, you did not 
> mention which items you were referring to.
> On 1 October, I posted the following message:
> in which I asked you specifically to explain which of the 19 points 
> you meant. I think it was a completely fair question that you really 
> ought to answer, but you never deigned to respond. Could you please 
> answer my question now? Which of the 19 points in the Apache FAQ were 
> you referring to Daniel not understanding and how it is relevant to 
> this overall discussion?
> Jonathan Revusky
> -- 
> freemarker project,
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