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From "Henning P. Schmiedehausen" <>
Subject Restricting method invokation (was: Re: [ANN] Viento - WHY?)
Date Sat, 08 Oct 2005 08:21:15 GMT
Robert Koberg <> writes:

[ I process this thread now strictly read-only. If I find something
that is at least remotely Velocity related and want to write something
about it, I will change the subject. So there might at least get some
constructive work from this thread. :-) ]

>One thing that might make me think about switching has to do with 
>security. Can you do something like this is FM:

>#set ($classLoader = $request.getClass().getClassLoader())

AFAIK, some methods are either blocked or you can turn method blocking
on. There is a list of methods in
src/freemarker/ext/beans/unsafeMethods.txt which lists methods that
are considered dangerous. I might argue about some of them, but at
least the various getClassLoader() and Class.forName() are in there.

Adding security is a good idea and Will is talking about implementing
method invocation restrictions. ATM, FreeMarker has here more
functionality than Velocity. 

If we do this, we will try to do it in a way that there is no penalty
for users who does not need it (and be honest: How big is the
percentage of applications that actually allow 3rd party users to
upload templates to a web applications? Because that is the problem
domain. If you impose a penalty on method invocation on all
applications that use a templating engine, you will end up with a
slower solution because of the overhead).

Side note: Until Wills' talk about Hacking Velocity @ AC'04,
personally I had no idea that this is possible in Velocity. :-) But
then again I never had a case that users were allowed to upload
Templates to an application of mine.

	Best regards

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