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From "Will Glass-Husain" <>
Subject Re: Regarding Velocity and Frameworks
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2005 17:00:02 GMT
(send email in plaintext if possible please -- it was a bit hard to read).

I recommend the Commons BeanUtils library.  With a single method call


you can populate a bean with parameter values.  This supports Strings, ints, 
doubles, etc.  With a little more work you can create custom translators 
that will understand percents, trim string values and so forth.

Best, WILL

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Sent: Monday, December 19, 2005 6:26 AM
Subject: Regarding Velocity and Frameworks

Hello Guys,

          I am Raghav  , i have a question regarding Velocity , I
am using velocity in a new project which is web based, i dont want
to use any specific web framework
as such, coz we have one of our own , my problem is that  when a
user enters any data in the form the VO's(Value Object) pertaining
to the field has to be populated
automatically instead of me getting the parameters from the form
and manually setting them, Is there any way to do this ? With-out
the use of any framework
If there is not ? can u suggest  a good framework that goes well
with velocity and is simple to configure and use!!!

Thanking You

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