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From David P <>
Subject How to make #for thread-safe?
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2006 21:17:47 GMT
Some archive msgs like this one point out that
VelocityContext is not thread-safe:

I have put some objects in my context that could be
modified by other threads.  I can make these accesses
thread-safe when using #set and #if, but I can't think
of a way to protect containers when used by #for.  For
example, another thread might remove an element from a
container in the context while #for is iterating over
it. Synchronizing the iterator method of the container
wouldn't provide any protection. And putting a big
synchronize block inside every servlet in the app,
blocking on a shared object, wouldn't work because
there's no way to get the Velocity template to wait on
the same lock...right?

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