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From Dominik Bruhn <>
Subject Switching from PHP to Java/Velocity, Performance?
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2006 23:23:05 GMT
I currently got a online-community running on a PHP-Bulletin-Board-Software. I 
didn't write the software myself but I modified it over the time so the code 
grew and became quite unreadable, hard to understand and also slow.

Some data for the site:
300Users online at the same time
30661 visitors per day
10GB Traffic per day

The site is currently running on two servers, one for the dynamic PHP-Scripts 
and one for the Database (MySQL) and the static content.

I was thinking about a complete rewrite for a long time and now I started to 
plan it more detailed. As I have used Velocity and Java for another (but 
quite small) project this was what first came into my mind. I also hoped for 
some speed increases from a Java-Application due to the fact that is possible 
to cache the Data-Base Data and save Queries to the DB. I'm also thinking 
about the time when there might be more than one server needed for the site 
(due to increasing visitors).
My PHP and Java knowledeges are about equal, but I have never done such a big 
project in Java (neither in PHP) and so i'm searching for help.

On my search through the internet I found a webpage where they told that 
friendster (really big site) switched from java to PHP due to performance. 
This made me think about my decision.

I fear programming the whole Website in Java and then recognizing that its 
much to slow for this purpose. Thats why I write to this mailinglist. Are 
there any people who made a similar step from php to java and can tell about 
performance gains or looses.

Can anybody else tell me where there are differences and how the influence the 


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