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From Peter Harrison <>
Subject Re: A 1.5 release date?
Date Sun, 07 May 2006 00:13:57 GMT
Velocity continues to be one of the primary technologies I use, but
there are a few annoying bugs that have been "planned" for future
releases and never made.

The point is that without a tight release cycle a open source project
will stagnate. The primary problem I see is that any work done in
Velocity will not make a release version anytime soon. If I thought that
improvements would make it into a release I would have fixed them by now
in the original codebase.

There are two major "bugs" I know of:

1. Setting a value to Null is ignored. Yes, I know its in the docs, its
been discussed to death here, but has not seen a fix in years, eben
though its a consensus that this should not be the right behaviour. 

2. Having a Null in the first object within a list will cause the method
cache to fail, and that column will have empty values for every column.

There is a nasty work around code in every view for these issues. I am
not a newbie, have used Velocity for years, and continue to believe it
is better than JSP. However, I would like to see active development, and
I am prepared to help so long as I know that the work will actually be

I'm not being critical for its own sake - I believe in Velocity, and my
work depends on it. I would like to see it improved. I would like to
take part in that improvement. But I need to know that those who control
the process will release my work in a timely manner.



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