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From dizzi <>
Subject Re: Status of this project
Date Thu, 04 May 2006 20:50:34 GMT
Thx, with speed in which ive got answer i see that velocity is not dead :)

I have one more question (pretty much offtopic)
Im using eclipse, im curious which plugins are you using to develop 
tomcat+struts+velocity applications or which you can recommend.
(it will be probably better reply to my email than this list)

thx, d.

Malcolm Edgar wrote:
> <plug>
> Hi Diz,
> I also think Velocity is a better choice that JSP and even JSTL. Its
> much simpler to work with and more intuitive than either of these.
> As the developer of the Click framework which uses Velocity
> exclusively for rendering, I think Velocity has a bright future.
> Another advantage of Velocity is that you can use if for other tasks,
> such as rendering email bodies, XML documents and even Java code.
> regards Malcolm Edgar
> </plug>
> On 5/4/06, Townson, Chris <> wrote:
>> > Hi, im pretty new to java world. From different web sites Ive gained
>> > feeling that velocity is better choice than JSP. But. Is this project
>> > dead or its just one of few projects which are working, nice designed
>> > and dont need update every week/month. (last web site news almost 8
>> > months ago, last release 13 months ago)
>> Speaking as a developer and Velocity user at a company that makes 
>> heavy use of Velocity:
>> We like the stability of Velocity ... It's a templating engine: it's 
>> core features would not seem to require much alteration and, from an 
>> outside perspective, development appears focused on refinements (which 
>> is A Good Thing). Velocity does its job neatly, efficiently, and quickly.
>> As for dead? Not at all. Version 1.5 is in development and the 
>> impression I'm getting from this list is an increasing encouragement 
>> to use the dev code. For those (like us) who will be continuing to use 
>> 1.4 for some time yet (in production, at least), I've always found 
>> support on this list to be prompt and helpful.
>> > Im asking because i would like save my time and dont
>> > configure and learn
>> > something which have no future (despite its better than others)
>> Personally speaking, until just over a year ago I had little 
>> experience with Java (I came from PHP-land and I ain't goin' back! :D 
>> ... Except for the occasional holiday ;D) but I had very little 
>> trouble in figuring out Velocity. In many ways, it's simplicity and 
>> elegance made it an excellent introduction to other areas of web 
>> development with Java (although it's not restricted to web stuff, of 
>> course).
>> I wouldn't worry too much about the effort required to learn and 
>> configure Velocity: in my experience, it's such a minimal concern that 
>> it probably wouldn't even be necessary to factor it in.
>> What you probably will want to think about is how well Velocity is 
>> supported by other technologies/frameworks you employ. Velocity is 
>> well integrated with Spring, Struts, and WebWork/Struts2. Tapestry, on 
>> the other hand, has its own view solution (based on jwcid attributes 
>> and OGNL statements in standard HTML ... which I like a lot) ... But 
>> you can't plugin Velocity to it.
>> Vis-a-vis JSP: don't do it! Velocity is far cleaner and simpler.
>> You could also consider Freemarker. I haven't tried it myself, but the 
>> project's lead developer will tell you (very insistently, over and 
>> over again ;D) that it's great. It has similar framework support to 
>> Velocity.
>> Chris
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