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From Peter Harrison <>
Subject Re: A 1.5 release date?
Date Mon, 08 May 2006 01:00:06 GMT
Will Glass-Husain wrote:
> We've discussed this on the list before.  My take -- Velocity is a 
> mature product, with a released version in use lots of places.  For 1.5 
> we focused on bug fixes (and improvements in error reporting, 
> integration, etc) and it's pretty stable.  There's really no important 
> bugs left that haven't been solved-- Look at JIRA and look at the wiki 
> -- there's only a handful of trivial (if subtle) syntax bugs left.  
> (there's an irritating problem with including macros in parsed files 
> too, but it's arguable whether that's a bug or design issue).

It is interesting that key infrastructure such as Velocity suffers from 
a lack of resource. My feeling is that I would prefer to pay for 
Velocity if it meant that a key piece of development infrastructure 
would get more resource.

This is quite common really - people have day jobs that come before 
their OSS projects. I am not saying take it closed source (obviously), 
just that developers/companies who use velocity could perhaps find go 
some way to funding its development.

Velocity is mission critical for me - as is several other OSS projects. 
I can't necessarily contribute to them all in terms of code, as I am 
President of the New Zealand Open Source Society - so my free time is 
kinda sparse. However, I can make a business case for contributing to a 
project that is helping deliver end user software.

> User support is pretty good -- the lists have far more activity than a 
> classic "dormant" project.  And developers are still around.  (Myself, 
> Nathan, Henning are often present on the lists).  The major frustration 
> continues to be release - understandably many users expect a released 
> version and we haven't delivered it in a timely manner.

 From a commercial point of view it is unsettling when we see 
functionality like the set null issue remain in the released code base 
for years. I am on the lists, so I know there is activity and discussion 
going on; as you say, it the lack of a release since 1.4 that means 
visibility of progress is low. Even a beta 1.5 would be good.

>  Regardless of 
> this fact, there's many users using version 1.4 and some using 
> pre-release 1.5.  The software hasn't decayed, it's only gotten better.  
> I don't feel competitive.   Everyone has to make their own decisions 
> about whether and how to use Velocity.

True. I'm a very keen supporter of Velocity, and I really do appreciate 
what the team on Velocity have done. I'm really just talking from a 
devils advocate point of view - that from a new users point of view 
having no release since 1.4 looks like its a dead project.

> Like Nathan, I also feel bad about the lack of a release.  A week of 
> work and it would be done.  But when I have my entire year's salary 
> hanging onto the delivery of a consulting project in May and June, it's 
> hard to set that time aside.  The other committers also have significant 
> work and family committments.  (what's with all this family stuff, 
> anyway?)  I'm reluctant to say anything about timing in public, since 
> I've been wrong before.  But I'm betting that I'll have that week in the 
> summer - maybe when I go on vacation :-)

I don't expect people doing this in their own time to be held to 
anything. I certainly don't expect anyone to feel bad about not having 
the time. Businesses need some certainty though - so perhaps we need a 
wider discussion about how we can allow people to commit some time 
financially speaking (aka find a sponsor who uses this technology).

I know of a few off hand :)



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