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From "Townson, Chris" <>
Subject RE: Status of this project
Date Thu, 04 May 2006 09:03:39 GMT
> Hi, im pretty new to java world. From different web sites Ive gained 
> feeling that velocity is better choice than JSP. But. Is this project 
> dead or its just one of few projects which are working, nice designed 
> and dont need update every week/month. (last web site news almost 8 
> months ago, last release 13 months ago)

Speaking as a developer and Velocity user at a company that makes heavy use of Velocity:

We like the stability of Velocity ... It's a templating engine: it's core features would not
seem to require much alteration and, from an outside perspective, development appears focused
on refinements (which is A Good Thing). Velocity does its job neatly, efficiently, and quickly.

As for dead? Not at all. Version 1.5 is in development and the impression I'm getting from
this list is an increasing encouragement to use the dev code. For those (like us) who will
be continuing to use 1.4 for some time yet (in production, at least), I've always found support
on this list to be prompt and helpful.
> Im asking because i would like save my time and dont 
> configure and learn 
> something which have no future (despite its better than others)

Personally speaking, until just over a year ago I had little experience with Java (I came
from PHP-land and I ain't goin' back! :D ... Except for the occasional holiday ;D) but I had
very little trouble in figuring out Velocity. In many ways, it's simplicity and elegance made
it an excellent introduction to other areas of web development with Java (although it's not
restricted to web stuff, of course).

I wouldn't worry too much about the effort required to learn and configure Velocity: in my
experience, it's such a minimal concern that it probably wouldn't even be necessary to factor
it in.

What you probably will want to think about is how well Velocity is supported by other technologies/frameworks
you employ. Velocity is well integrated with Spring, Struts, and WebWork/Struts2. Tapestry,
on the other hand, has its own view solution (based on jwcid attributes and OGNL statements
in standard HTML ... which I like a lot) ... But you can't plugin Velocity to it.

Vis-a-vis JSP: don't do it! Velocity is far cleaner and simpler.

You could also consider Freemarker. I haven't tried it myself, but the project's lead developer
will tell you (very insistently, over and over again ;D) that it's great. It has similar framework
support to Velocity.


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