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From "Townson, Chris" <>
Subject RE: A 1.5 release date?
Date Mon, 08 May 2006 09:19:31 GMT
> > It is interesting that key infrastructure such as Velocity suffers from
> > a lack of resource. My feeling is that I would prefer to pay for
> > Velocity if it meant that a key piece of development infrastructure
> > would get more resource.
> >
> > This is quite common really - people have day jobs that come before
> > their OSS projects. I am not saying take it closed source (obviously),
> > just that developers/companies who use velocity could perhaps find go
> > some way to funding its development.
> >
> > Velocity is mission critical for me - as is several other OSS projects.
> > I can't necessarily contribute to them all in terms of code, as I am
> > President of the New Zealand Open Source Society - so my free time is
> > kinda sparse. However, I can make a business case for contributing to a
> > project that is helping deliver end user software.

I think this is often a good route if a successful case can be made.

Certainly we (Nature Publishing Group) are planning to do a certain amount of work creating
additional functionality for Velocity during the course of this year which would probably
be of a "contributable" nature (i.e. generic enough ... But probably better suited to the
tools project).

However, a lot of what this discussion is dealing with are bug fixes. These are the sort of
thing that we would love to see fixed but which don't really cause us enough of a headache
to lose sleep over ... You know how it is: things like that are difficult to sell because
they're not whizz-bang enough to convince those who hold the purse strings that time/money
should be committed.
> > I don't expect people doing this in their own time to be held to
> > anything. I certainly don't expect anyone to feel bad about not having
> > the time. Businesses need some certainty though - so perhaps we need a
> > wider discussion about how we can allow people to commit some time
> > financially speaking (aka find a sponsor who uses this technology).
> >
> >
> > I know of a few off hand :)

... Well, NPG are one, for sure ;D

As I say, it's a matter of convincing the-powers-that-be of the neccessity of the work _for
them_ ... I'm happy to raise the subject here and see what happens, but would need to know
more about the extent of any proposed involvement before I could pitch it - if anyone wants
to contact me about that off-list, please feel free.


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