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From Jonathan Revusky <>
Subject Re: Status of this project
Date Sat, 06 May 2006 12:07:04 GMT
Townson, Chris wrote:

> Vis-a-vis JSP: don't do it! Velocity is far cleaner and simpler.
> You could also consider Freemarker. I haven't tried it myself, but the project's lead
developer will tell you 
> very insistently, over and over again ;D) that it's great. It has similar framework support
to Velocity.

Well, it's normal that I, of all people, will tell you that FreeMarker 
is great and compare it favorably to competitors, such as Velocity.

However, it's not just me. If you do a search in tech blogs, you will 
see a growing number of cases of people switching from Velocity to 
FreeMarker. For example, in May 2005, the Webwork project switched from 
Velocity to FreeMarker as their default view component. Here is a blog 
entry mentioning that.

More recently, the Hibernate-tools project (part of JBossIDE) switched 
from Velocity to FreeMarker. Here is a blog entry providing some of the 
reasoning behind that decision.

Or, consider, for example:

The above are all examples of people who had been using Velocity for 
some time, who, tired of the Velocity's limitations and the lack of any 
forward movement in addressing these issues, switched to using FreeMarker.

As best I can determine, one simply does not see blog entries detailing 
a switch in the other direction, from FreeMarker to Velocity. Also, our 
user list is full of people who are ex-Velocity users and I don't see 
ex-FreeMarker users on this list. All the movement is in the 
Velocity->FreeMarker direction. The only example of anybody switching in 
that direction that I can find is the following one:

In that article, Howard Abrams, a FreeMarker user, relates how he tried 
to use Velocity but went back to FreeMarker because Velocity's 
limitations were too frustrating. (Note that in his preamble, Howard has 
some of the project history wrong. FreeMarker actually predates Velocity.)

I think it right and proper to point this out, because Chris seems to 
want to give the impression that this is just a case of me blowing my 
own horn, as it were. That is not the case, however.


Jonathan Revusky
lead developer, FreeMarker project,

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