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From "Keith R. Bennett" <>
Subject Dereferencing a Reference
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2006 20:07:09 GMT
What Velocity template code can I use to get a list of keys and iterate 
over that list, getting the value corresponding to each key?  Here is 
what I've tried so far:

Before calling Velocity, I place the list of keys plus each key/value 
pair in the context.  For example:

String [] letters = { "a", "b" };
context.put("letters", letters);
context.put("a", "apple");
context.put("b", "blueberry");

In the template I have:


#foreach ( $letter in $letters )
${${letter}}        ## <-- This is the line in question

However, the output is:



The ${a} and ${b} above should be apple and blueberry instead.

What can I use in the line in question to dereference the reference?

Also, is there a better way of accomplishing my goal, which is this?:

I have an app that will have database records of arbitrary type.  The 
record metadata allows me to get the field names with which to populate 
the Velocity context.  The record itself has, of course, the data.  I 
want the Velocity template designer to be able to loop through the 
fields in the database record without knowing its format at design time, 
as in:

#foreach ($fieldName in $field_names)
    ...  ## put the field's value here, as in my vain attempt above
         ## with ${${fieldname}}

The data record is not a Java object with named field member variables, 
so I can't use the Java Bean approach.  Perhaps I could create a class 
dynamically at runtime, but I expect this would be overkill.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

- Keith

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