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From Will Glass-Husain <>
Subject macro not being called
Date Sun, 09 Jul 2006 15:01:08 GMT

Just a quick query.  Has anyone else had problems with repeated or 
simultaneous macro calls not executing?

I've a template that does 10 macro calls in quick succession with a 
#parse'd header file.  (I use this to load a common set of data for the 
page).  This is an app with 2 iframes, so there are always at least 3 
simultaneous threads making these 10 macro calls.

I'm discovering that on my production machine sometimes the first 7 of 
those calls execute, but the last 3 don't.  Changing the order of the 
calls doesn't make a difference, it's always the last 3.  I'm suspecting 
some subtle race condition, but it's hard to replicate this on my dev 

The property "velocimacro.permissions.allow.inline.local.scope" is set 
to true, so theoretically macros in one page shouldn't affect another.

Anyone have a similar experience?


Forio Business Simulations

Will Glass-Husain
phone (415) 440-7500 x89
mobile (415) 235-4293

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