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From "Bill Rishel" <>
Subject Re: Getting a velocity engine in Spring
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2006 17:44:39 GMT
On 8/21/06, Nathan Bubna <> wrote:
> I've been using Spring MVC for about a year with JSP/JSTL
> (unfortunately; decision out of my hands).  There are many great
> things about it, but despite all its flexibility and features, it
> occasionally suffers from do-too-much-for-you problems that make it
> hard to do things different than prescribed.
> All that said, I have not as yet used their Velocity integration, so i
> don't know the best way to get the VelocityEngine their view class is
> using.  I'm guessing you've seen that you can get the VelocityEngine
> in a subclass of VelocityView
Yes... I am assuming that I will possibly be deriving from VelocityView
when I understand the process enough to know where I will be doing

> but i don't know that that will get it for you at the point you need
> it during a request.  if not, my initial reaction is to just encourage
> to configure your own VelocityEngine using the same properties/config
> as the one Spring does, if possible.  Using the same properties/config
> should keep things rendering the same.
> does that help?

Sure does. I realize that I will have to do some considerable digging
into Spring to figure this out, and your comments give me some
orientation on how to focus my efforts.


> On 8/21/06, Bill Rishel <> wrote:
> > Within Struts I've been using a velocity engine from within a subclass of
> > VelocityViewServlet with which I am able to call
> > evaluate(Context context, out, java.lang.String logTag,
> > java.lang.String instring)
> > to render the vtl in the 'instring'. Because I am doing my own
> > preprocessing before
> > that call and possibly after I need that kind of fine grained control of the
> > vtl rendering.
> >
> > I am moving now to Spring, which gives me some important features,
> > but haven't been able to figure out how to do the "hand rendering" of
> > the vtl within a Spring controller. Any suggestions on how to do that?
> >
> > Bill Rishel
> >
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