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From "gb1071nx" <>
Subject RE: Best Servlet Container
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2006 20:38:23 GMT
I've been wondering about this myself, and was about to ask on tomcat-user (fully expecting
a few flames), but now that it's been brought up here..
what's the latest on Resin?  I keep hearing (here and there) that Resin kicks a lot of Tomcat
butt, but I've been subscribed to the resin-interest list for about two weeks now, and there's
been maybe 12 emails to it.  I take this as a sign that there is virtually no community around
that container, or that everyone who uses it has absolutely no questions.
Question then:  Anyone have an informed opinion about Resin, specificially how it compares
to Tomcat in terms of performance and stability and perhaps clustering (which I take it, requires
a purchase of Resin 'pro')? 


From: Steve O'Hara []
Sent: Sun 10/1/2006 3:25 AM
To: Velocity Users List
Subject: Best Servlet Container

Forgive the slightly off-topic request, but I'm wondering if anyone has
any experience of performance comparisons of all the myriad of servlet
containers out there?

To start the ball rolling, I can safely say that the Oracle App server
is a real dog in comparison to Tomcat but it does have some nice wizzy
monitoring tools (perhaps that's why it's so slow).

I'd like to to know what people's experiences are with Jboss, geronimo,
Webspehere, Jetty etc.



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