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From Peter Locke <>
Subject RE: pulling static content from a URL into a velocity template?
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2006 19:11:42 GMT
Yes, I saw that, thanks, unfortunately my configuration still uses the
original VelocityServlet, and that appears to be a tool that requires the
VelocityView structure.  I suppose writing a more generic version that
incorporates content caching won't be too bad.


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From: Nathan Bubna [] 
Sent: Friday, October 06, 2006 3:17 PM
To: Velocity Users List
Subject: Re: pulling static content from a URL into a velocity template?

You mean like the ImportTool?

On 10/6/06, Peter Locke <> wrote:
> This seems to me like a problem that (I hope) is a common one and has been
> solved.   On certain 'impact' velocity powered pages, I would like to
> non technical content editors the means of adding content to a 
> specific portion of a velocity template, in such a way that the 
> content is rendered dynamically and can be changed on a different 
> schedule and independently of the template itself or the build/deploy 
> cycle.  So basically I would like to include some static html from an 
> external URL when the template is parsed and rendered.
> Note that the #include doesn't sound like the right approach since 
> this includes actual files from the template root - I would like to 
> 'include' the content from an external URL so that the content does 
> not need to be tied to our build and deploy process and can exist and 
> be changed completely in our 'static content' area by content editors.
> One idea I had was to make a custom velocity tool that reads the 
> content in via a Java http get request that can be called from VTL 
> with the url to get- I like this idea because the tool can be expanded 
> to cache content for higher demand pages, but I would like to hear some
other suggestions.
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