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From Jonathan Revusky <>
Subject Re: Calling JSP Tags From Velocity
Date Thu, 10 May 2007 17:44:37 GMT
Nathan Bubna wrote:
> There's been talk of adding support for this in the past.

Yes, but unfortunately the "talk" doesn't compile or run... :-)

>  If you
> search the list archives (probably best to check both user & dev)
> you'll find useful info and ideas for ways to do this.  if you can't
> find those, let me know and i'll help look up those threads.

I doubt very much that that would be a fruitful use of time for somebody 
who wants this feature. I think it's basically completely fair to point 
out that if you want to use JSP taglibs from a template engine, 
FreeMarker has the feature you want.

> Anyway, the story as i remember it is that no one has taken the time
> to develop/contribute support for this for/to us.  

Well, the full story is that the Webwork guys basically gave up on 
Velocity and switched to FreeMarker a couple of years ago, so any work 
that they were doing on using JSP taglibs in Velocity was abandoned.

OTOH, you're right. The Webwork people's work on this is out there, in 
whatever state it happens to be in....

> however, rumor
> WebWork guys created a couple of custom directives to support this.  i
> don't know if those directives made it into Struts2 or where they
> could be found, but i'm pretty sure that the code is still out there
> somewhere.  

Well, google is yer friend....

I really doubt that this is something that anybody would choose to rely 
on for a project. If you do want JSP taglib support in a template 
engine, then I suggest you look at FreeMarker. After all, that is, in 
fact, what the Webwork people did. BTW, FreeMarker's support for the JSP 
taglibs was one of the two main reasons for that. The other was 
Velocity's lack of facilities for error reporting.

Jonathan Revusky
lead developer, FreeMarker project,

>i looked at it once upon a time but was too busy with
> other things to follow up.
> On 5/8/07, White, Tim <> wrote:
>> Hello -
>>  We're using Velocity under WebLogic Portal; and we need to be able to
>> access the functionality of the various custom JSP tags that they
>> provide from a .vm.
>>  Is there a "TagTool" or equivalent that would let you call that tag
>> functionality from Velocity?
>>  For example there is a tag called <netui:anchor> that we need to use.
>> Is there an existing or straightforward way to map those into Velocity
>> Tools?
>> Thanks!
>> Tim
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