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From Jonathan Revusky <>
Subject Re: The Guardian website moves to Velocity
Date Sun, 13 May 2007 21:25:01 GMT
sujay wrote:
> Dear Jonathan,
>>>Like, every time you go to all kinds of high
>>>profile web sites (the City of Paris comes to mind... but plenty of
>>>others... any forum that uses Jive forums or JForum...) whenever you go
>>>there, some code I wrote is running in the background to serve the pages
>>>you're looking at.
> It sounds like you have A LOT to be proud of. 
> You may well be aware though that when you revert to expletives and 
 > name calling, it does nothing to improve the take-up of your
 > component (other than generating such pretty lousy PR).
 > There are a number of complex reasons why people use the wonderful
 > Velocity tools, and one of those is the live-and-let-live attitude
 > of the folks who use this mailing list.

The main reason, I think, is that they never performed a duly dilligent 
comparison of the thing with other tools in the same space. That would 
be why somebody would use CVS in a new project instead of SVN, for example.

But all that doesn't matter. Use whatever you want.

> Is there any chance you could move the insults to personal email rather than wasting
everyone's bandwidth? (PLEASE)

By the same token, you should have written me this message in private. 
Aren't you wasting people's bandwidth by your logic?

> Sujay Jayaram

You seem to have reading comprehension problems, Sujay. Who was 
insulting whom?


>ClassNotFoundException. What needs to be on the CLASSPATH to run this?

I don't know if I can/want to help you if you can't get a core Ant task
to run


Are you affecting that you don't understand why I got angry?

I got mad at the whole juvenile snottiness of it. Of course, it's just 
typical of a certain kind of geek culture, the kinds of people who refer 
to users as "lusers" and so on, and any simple question is taken as an 
excuse to insult somebody.

But I have no tolerance for that kind of stuff and furthermore, I don't 
think people should.

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