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From "Nathan Bubna" <>
Subject Re: .jar dependencies for velocity-tools sub project?
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2007 16:27:48 GMT
On 6/28/07, Peter Locke <> wrote:
> There are great pages for the velocity engine (links below), is there
> something similar for the velocity tools subproject?

Unfortunately, no.  We don't have such nice pages for Tools.  That'd
be nice though.  Would you create a JIRA issue for this, so we don't

> I notice the download
> includes a number of supporting .jars and given I will be integrating it into
> a much larger application I need to know which ones are needed for
> compile/deployment.

The download.xml file at the root of the source tree gives a pretty
good map of what jars are required for what.  Here's a link:

The ones listed under the compile-download target are what's needed to
compile everything in the project.

If you only want what is needed for a very simple application, the
jars in the lib directory of the "simple" example app are your ticket.

If you have an app that makes use of most/all of the available tools,
then you may need one or two more jars which you will find in the lib
directory of the "showcase" example app.

Finally, if you are deploying a VelocityStruts app, you will need to
add the Struts jars and commons-chain to your list.  And, if you are
using a VelocityStruts app with the SecureLinkTool, you will also need
to add the sslext jar.

See the "<app>-dependencies" targets in the following file for those jar lists:

> thanks
> --
> Peter Locke
> Senior Engineer / Dev Lead
> <>
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> f: 250.475-6014
> e: <>
> --
> P.S. I'm currently reading Rainbow Six
> <
> +Clancy&tn=Rainbow+Six>  by Tom Clancy

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