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From "Nathan Bubna" <>
Subject Poll: IteratorTool usage
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2007 20:42:43 GMT
hey folks,

for VelocityTools 2.0, i'm thinking of deprecating/replacing the
IteratorTool with something a bit simpler and more understandable.
but i'd like to know if/how much people actually use it before i do
so.  So please place yourself in a category below:

[] - I regularly use and appreciate IteratorTool
[] - I use IteratorTool on occasion
[] - I have a legacy app that uses IteratorTool, but do not expect to
use it further
[] - I have never used IteratorTool
[] - I have never even noticed/heard of IteratorTool :)


Oh, and if you're curious, i'm envisioning a replacement called
LoopTool that would probably just offer watch($list) and break()
methods to start and hopefully be a little easier to understand and
use.  The syntax i'm hoping to provide would be something like

#foreach( $item in $$items) )
#if( $item eq 'some break condition' )$loop.break()#end

Though i may think of ways to simplify things further still or add
some more useful, easy to understand uses, and of course, i haven't
implemented it yet.  So things may have to change somewhat as i try to
deal with things like nested watched loops and such. :)

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