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From Adrian Tarau <>
Subject Re: [SURVEY] IntrospectorCache(Listener)
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2008 19:36:35 GMT
The best way to implement listeners (as you may see in 
EventListenerList) is to work with arrays.They are immutable and have 
the lowest memory footprint(instead of HashSet/ArrayList or any 
concurrent class).

Eventually you can skip copying the listeners array if you manage 
everything locally instead of having a class like EventListnerList(need 
it - maybe - if you fire events at a really high rate, so you want to 
avoid creating an array every time). If you encapsulate array changes in 
a class ArrayUtilities you will not add to much code to implement 
add/remove/fire listeners.

public class A {

Listener[] listeners =  new Listener[0] ;

// add a new listener
public void addListener(Listener listener) {
    listeners = ArrayUtilities.addObject(listeners, listener);

// remove a listener
public void removeListener(Listener listener) {
    listeners = ArrayUtilities.removeObject(listeners, listener);

// fire event
public void fireCodeChanged(Event event) {
    Listener[] currentListeners =  this.listeners;
    foreach(Listener listener : listeners) {

Right now IntrospectorCacheImpl can fail with 
ConcurrentModificationExceptions if you don't add synchronized to 
addListener and removeListener.


Nathan Bubna wrote:
> Given the lack of affirmative response, i'm going to take some wild
> guesses here...
> On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 10:34 PM, Nathan Bubna <> wrote:
>> 1) Does anyone out there actually use custom implementations of the
>> IntrospectorCache interface?
> nope.
>> 2) Does anyone use any IntrospectorCacheListeners?
> no.
>> 3) Can anyone give me a use-case for IntrospectorCacheListeners?  (Henning?)
> yes, Henning, who is busy with other things.  Henning, if you would
> like these back, i'll replace them then.  for now, i'm yanking them.
> :)
>> For those curious about my reasons for asking:  i'm looking at
>> IntrospectorBase and the classes above and seeing slight risk of
>> ConcurrentModificationExceptions in the way listeners are handled.
>> This would be trivially fixed by synchronizing the add/removeListener
>> methods.  However, i'm hoping to use more fine-grained synchronization
>> in those classes that would require potentially more hassle than the
>> risk.  Loads of fun, ya know.  So, if i find out the listeners are
>> used w/o problems, i won't worry about it.  If i find out they're not
>> used at all and can't figure out what they're good for, then i would
>> happily be rid of them. :)
>> all input is welcome!
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