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From Mark Fenbers <>
Subject Re: Velocity Logging
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2008 20:50:37 GMT

Thanks!  Your info was quite helpful and I was able to read in the file 
(finally!) using Velocity.init() -- as you show below, but when I used 
Velocity.setProperty() to set the "runtime.log" as you have shown below, 
it gets ignored.  If I remove the runtime.log entry in the properties 
file, then the default log is used instead (./velocity.log).  What I 
wish is to use a different velocity log file for each user (as different 
users will use separate instances of my software concurrently).  My 
software is a standalone GUI application written in Java 5, not a web 
app.  How can I specify a log file name (determined at run-time) if the 
setProperty() method does not work??


Byron Foster wrote:
> Hi Mark, It's hard to tell what's going on without knowing more about 
> how you are trying to run Velocity, but... You can set the log 
> location programtically (which might give you some insight as to if 
> your properties file is being read):
>"runtime.log", "<thepath>");
> and the properties file is loaded with:
>"<the prop path>");
> If your running with VelocityServlet, you can set the location of the 
> velocity properties file with
>     <init-param>
>       <param-name></param-name>
>       <param-value>/WEB-INF/velocity.props</param-value>
>     </init-param>
> On Oct 6, 2008, at 16:48 , Mark Fenbers wrote:
>> Velocity is working, but I seem to have no control over where 
>> Velocity writes its log info.  I changed the "runtime.log" entry in 
>> the file to be a custom filename, but it still 
>> writes to "velocity.log" in the current directory.  It appears that 
>> the file is not being read at all.  I put this 
>> file in both, the current directory, and in another place I know is 
>> in the classpath, but still, the file isn't being read -- or at 
>> least, the runtime.log entry within it is being ignored.  I've spent 
>> more than 2 hours trying to hunt down info on what I might be doing 
>> wrong, but to no avail.  I consider this posting as my last resort.
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