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From Mark Fenbers <>
Subject Re: Velocity Logging
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2008 23:25:43 GMT

> ok, leaving method aside for the moment, what logging properties are
> you setting?
The only change I made to the Apache-supplied file 
were to the runtime.log.logsystem.class property by eliminating the 
supplied list and leaving only the Log4JLogChute.  And I changed 
runtime.log to have a value of ./logs/velocity.log.  And these changes 
do work.  In my code, I currently only do a 
Velocity.init("bin/");  and I had to be explicit 
where the file was because it wouldn't read it otherwise.
> did you set a property for runtime.log.logsystem.log4j.logger?  if so,
> then you are telling Velocity to send message there, rather than set
> up its own logger.  With Velocity's Log4jLogChute, the runtime.log
> property is only relevant if velocity is picking the logger.  We try
> to be a good citizen and not add file appender's to other people's
> loggers.
No, I didn't.  In the properties file, the only place where the string 
"log4j" appears is in the Log4JLogChute line I mentioned above.  So does 
this mean that velocity is picking its own logger?

Thanks for the help.  I am assuming you are asking your questions to 
clarify your understanding of the situation with the ultimate goal in 
mind to help me configure Velocity to use a different filename for each 
instance of of app launched, right?


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