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From Adrian Tarau <>
Subject Re: Can velocity be used for generating reports in PDF
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2008 20:54:48 GMT
Why not using iText directly (or some other library) to generate PDF? 
Using Velocity to generate PDF is not a good way to go... wrote:
> The way I did this was to have my Velocity templates generate output text
> that was sent to a PDFWriter class that I wrote. This class detected
> special markers in the input stream that indicated new paragraphs,
> bold/underline/italic sections, font changes, images etc., and made calls
> to iText to create the "chunks" that iText uses and add them to the PDF
> output document on the fly. It could handle basic stuff (paragraph styles,
> multiple fonts, tables, background colours and images, embedded images) and
> was adequate for what I needed it for. It couldn't handle more advanced
> stuff like floating sidebars, but that wasn't something I needed.
> That was a while ago. If I was going to do the same thing again I'd have
> the Velocity templates produce XML and base the Writer on Commons-Digester.
> It's always possible that there is a direct PDF Writer class out there
> already that accepts input text in some handy form like XML - I just did a
> quick Google and didn't find anything, but it's such an obvious thing I'd
> be surprised if there isn't *something*.
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