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From "Steve O'Hara" <>
Subject RE: [ANNOUNCE] VelocityTools 2.0-beta3 release
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2008 19:54:21 GMT
Hi Nathan

Excellent work as always, very much appreciated.

However, a method that appears to have been dropped from
VelocityViewServlet is setVelocityEngine.  I had hoped that this would
be superseded by setVelocityView but alas not and I'm guessing it's
because you didn't think anyone was/should be using it?

In our environment we allow the web administrator to change some of the
fundamental Velocity configuration parameters whilst the app is running
e.g. Template Caching etc.  When they do this, we use our extended
VelocityViewServlet class to unload the current VelocityEngine and
reload it with a new one that has been configured with the new values.

Without a way of setting the new VelocityView I don't have any way of
doing this in 2.0.

Is there another way of telling the shared VelocityView to reload itself



-----Original Message-----
.org] On Behalf Of Nathan Bubna
Sent: 03 December 2008 06:02
To: Velocity Users List; Velocity Developers List;
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] VelocityTools 2.0-beta3 release

The Velocity developers are pleased to make the third (and probably
final) beta release of
VelocityTools 2.0 available for download.

Downloads are available here:

This should be useable as a drop in replacement for Tools 1.4 or Tools
2.0-beta2, with a few minor exceptions. The 2.x series of
VelocityTools also requires both Velocity 1.5+ and JDK 1.5+.

Since the last beta release, there have been a number of small fixes,
additional features (like caching for VelocityViewTag), and especially
improvements in the extensibility of VelocityView.

The Velocity developers are very interested in all feedback regarding
Tools 2.0, especially regarding backwards compatibility with apps
designed for Tools 1.4 or earlier. We aim to enable a smooth,
incremental transition for developers and their applications.

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