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From "Steve O'Hara" <>
Subject RE: Caching Problem with Macros
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2008 16:36:47 GMT
Hi All,

We have upgraded to 1.6 but still have this issue.
I've condensed it down to the following;

#set($steve="old value")
#macro(tmpMacro $steve)
    #set($steve="new value $steve")

As you can see, there is some messing with the scope going on here but
this is in essence what is occurring in our application on a much larger
I would expect the result to be "new value dave" but it's not, bizarrely
it's "dave"

Are we running foul of some golden rules here concerning scope and
variable names?


Nathan: I didn't re-open the JIRA issue just in case this is down to our
own stupidity

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.org] On Behalf Of Steve O'Hara
Sent: 18 September 2008 11:59
To: Velocity Users List
Subject: Caching Problem with Macros

Hi All,

I'm re-raising this issue because it has just bitten us in the backside

Here's the scenario;  we have a framework that allows us to reload the
Velocity runtime so that we can tinker with caching etc at runtime.  We
normally run development with template caching turned off and deliver to
the client with caching turned on.

There is a problem with inline macros (probably macro libraries too, not
sure) whereby they will behave differently once they are compiled and
cached then when they are interpreted at runtime.  It is all to do with
the re-assignment of parameter variables within the macro.

Here is a very simple example;

#macro(tmpMacro $FieldNames)
    #set($FieldNames="ingredient." +


This works fine when the template is not cached - as soon as you turn on
caching, the macro becomes unreliable.
My original prognosis was that we were upsetting the variable types by
converting strings into lists but as you can see, that isn't the case in
this example.  The problem is solved by changing the assignment to;

    #set($Names="ingredient." +

I can appreciate that maybe this type of "re-assignment" of parameters
might be an issue, but the real problem is the inconsistency between the
cached and non-cached behaviours.

I'll raise this as a bug.



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.org] On Behalf Of Steve O'Hara
Sent: 26 June 2008 18:58
To: Velocity Users List
Subject: RE: Strange Caching Problem with Macros - RESOLVED

Hi Nathan,

By cutting down the example to it's bare bones, I've discovered the

The following statement causes some sort of error within Velocity (not
announced in the logger) that only occurs when the template is cached.


I think that maybe we're playing fast and loose with velocity and it's
type management, because what we're doing here is assigning a List to
the same variable that formerly contained a String.

When this is run without caching it works fine but once caching is on,
it fails.
By changing the statement to this, it works fine.


Perhaps not really a bug, more of a nudge for us to remember that
velocity is not type-less?


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.org] On Behalf Of Nathan Bubna
Sent: 24 June 2008 03:32
To: Velocity Users List
Subject: Re: Strange Caching Problem with Macros

can you replicate this with a simpler example at all?  it's a bit hard
to spot the tree in the forest. :)  it's not obvious to me what the
problem is, and i can't run your example, so it's rather hard to track
down.  could you also let us know what version of Velocity this is and
perhaps what your are when you experience this?

On Sun, Jun 22, 2008 at 4:55 AM, Steve O'Hara
<> wrote:
> I'm getting a problem when caching is turned on whereby a method call
> not being run consistently.
> I have a macro as per below;
>    #macro(macroShowGrid $FieldNames $SortFieldName)
> #set($Rows=$Entity.getConstituentGrid($FieldNames,$SortFieldName))
>        #if ($PreviousBrand)
> me)) #end
>        #set($FieldNames=$utils.splitToList($FieldNames,","))
>        #foreach($Row in $Rows)
>            <tr>
>                #foreach($Field in $FieldNames)
>                    #if ($velocityCount==1) #macroWriteImage($Row
> "") #end
>                    <td
> style="background-color:white;vertical-align:top;">
>                        #if ($velocityCount==1)
>                            #set($Number=$Row.get($Field))
>                            #if($Number.matches("[0-9]+"))
> d&key=$Number")
>                            #else
> x&minutenumber=$Number")
>                            #end
>                            <a href="$Url" target="_blank"
> #macroMouseOver("View this record")>$Row.get($Field)</a>
>                        #else
>                            $Row.get($Field)
>                        #end
>                    </td>
>                #end
>            </tr>
>        #end
>    #end
> This macro is called from with another macro;
>    #macro(macroShowProductIngredients $FieldName $FieldTitle
> $FieldComment $FieldList $FieldOrder)
>        #if ($Entity.getValue($FieldName).length()>0 ||
> $Entity.getValue($FieldComment).length()>0)
>        <table border="1" bordercolor="#CDCB99" cellspacing="0"
> cellpadding="3" bgcolor="#E2E0C8"
> style="margin-top:8px;margin-left:4px">
>            <tr>
>                <td colspan="5">$FieldTitle</td>
>            </tr>
>            <tr>
>                #set($Fields=$utils.splitToList($FieldList,","))
>                <td nowrap width="100" colspan="2"align="center">Minute
> Number</td>
>                <td nowrap width="100%">Description</td>
>                <td nowrap align="center">Level (%)</td>
>                <td nowrap width="150" align="left">Supplier</td>
>            </tr>
>            #macroShowGrid($FieldList $FieldOrder)
>            #set($PreviousFieldValue="")
>            #set($FieldValue="")
>            #if ($PreviousBrand)
> #set($PreviousFieldValue=$PreviousBrand.getValue($FieldComment)) #end
>            #set ($FieldValue=$Entity.getValue($FieldComment))
>            #if ($FieldValue.length()>0 || $PreviousFieldValue.length>0
> || $PreviousBrand)
>                <tr>
>                    <td bgcolor="#FFFFFF" valign="top" colspan="5">
>                        #macroShowValue($FieldValue
>                    </td>
>                </tr>
>            #end
>        </table>
>        #end
>    #end
> All works fine when caching is turned off but when I turn it on, the
> method call $Entity.getConstituentGrid($FieldNames,$SortFieldName) is
> not being run.  The value of $Rows is always undefined.  I say always,
> don't mean always, it seems to be a bit intermittent.
> These macros are inline and I'm using a custom file based resource
> loader.
> My understanding of caching was that it cached the structure of the
> template in an AST, not the contents?
> I've checked that the $Entity object is valid, which it is and that it
> has a different Class ID each call, which it does which would indicate
> the Context is definitely getting given a different Entity each call.
> The parameters are correct for the call too.
> Thanks,
> Steve
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