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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject Re: Template lose track of variable?
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2009 23:27:04 GMT
Nathan Bubna wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 2:51 PM, Steve Cohen <> wrote:
>> Thanks much, Tim, but in this case
>> 1) tn is not null, but tn.USFormattedTn is null (perhaps because some
>> dependent object failed in the background).
>> cannot be the case - the function merely applies formatting to the single
>> data element within the tn object (in this case the "1-"). Since the log
>> entry shows a value for tn, there is no possibility of null here.
>> 2) There are multiple calls to $tn.USFormattedTn, and the happy path
>> cases work fine, but edge cases are misspelled:
>> there is only one path in this particular template
>> 3) Someone accidentally calls the .vm directly and not through the
>> controller (robots can do this in some cases, or bad links).
>> impossible. There is only one path into the templates from my code. there is
>> no "back door"
>> 4) The value of $tn goes null between the controller debug statement and
>> the forward to the .vm.
>> I investigated this and found it "impossible" - no code does it anyway,
>> although if we are talking about machine glitches, of course, nothing is
>> impossible.
>> So, are we talking about machine glitches, then?
> i doubt it, those are rare.   has this happened only once?  this does
> sound like it'll be very difficult to find, especially without more
> info than a few log messages.  Velocity version?  How are you filling
> the context?  Context class?  Are you sure there isn't a race
> condition involved?  that's always my first suspicion in such
> mysterious errors.  Under the covers, most standard Velocity Context
> implementations use HashMaps.  i doubt those are simply losing track
> of a key/value pair.
Only once that I know of.
Yes, probably very difficult to find, possibly not worth the effort 
unless I catch it happening again.

Using 1.6.1. 

Context is constructed from Properties objects (a Properties is-a Map) 
that my code passes around.   Only right before it is passed to Velocity 
is the context constructed, using the VelocityContext(Map) constructor.

I have checked the pass-around path and I see no way that this 
properties object could have gotten corrupted between the time it was 
logged and the time velocity looked at it.  It's a linear path between 
putting the object in the properties and passing the properties to my 
Velocity wrapper for conversion to a Context and passage to Velocity for 
merger with the template.  There are no threading issues here - all this 
happens in one thread so I don't see a race condition.

I fully expected, when I saw this, to find an error in my code or 
template, but surprisingly to me, I cannot.

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