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From "White, Tim" <>
Subject RE: Template lose track of variable?
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2009 21:02:09 GMT
> I can see from my logs that the context passed to this template in
> instance had the tn variable and that it wasn't found by Velocity:

> 2009-01-20 16:58:15,902 [robo/AIM:jrelay/2701] TRACE 
> velocity.VelociWrapper - {tn=203-999-9999, lang=English}
> 2009-01-20 16:58:15,910 [robo/AIM:jrelay/2701] DEBUG Velocity - 
> ResourceManager : found /resources/en_US/number/ExitComplete.vm with 
> loader
> 2009-01-20 16:58:15,911 [robo/AIM:jrelay/2701] DEBUG Velocity - Null 
> reference [template '/resources/en_US/number/ExitComplete.vm', line 6,

> column 56] : $tn.USFormattedTn cannot be resolved.

When I've had problems like these in the past, here are some things that
it's turned out to be (using your variable as an example):

1) tn is not null, but tn.USFormattedTn is null (perhaps because some
dependent object failed in the background).

2) There are multiple calls to $tn.USFormattedTn, and the happy path
cases work fine, but edge cases are misspelled:

	#if ($allisgood)
		Your TN is: $tn.USFormattedTn
		Your TN is: $tn.usformattedtn

3) Someone accidentally calls the .vm directly and not through the
controller (robots can do this in some cases, or bad links).

4) The value of $tn goes null between the controller debug statement and
the forward to the .vm.

Just some ideas of the kinds of things that this has been for me in the
past - I hope you can figure it out!


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