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From Byron Foster <>
Subject Re: Veloeclipse 2.0.8 Release
Date Sat, 09 May 2009 18:27:46 GMT

On May 8, 2009, at 6:57 , Raymond Auge wrote:

> Hey Byron,  (Is there a more appropriate list I can bring this
> discussion back to???)

For bugs and features the best place is to create an issue for them  

> I'm really enjoying the latest version of the plugin btw... it's very
> stable and works almost flawlessly.
> I have two small things to point out:
> 1 - tabbing of array or map elements only allows a single tab width.
> e.g. given the following code:
> 1|#set ($sorts = $searchTool.getSorts([
> 2|	["modified", "LONG_TYPE", true],
> 3|	["_custom-title", "STRING_TYPE", false]
> 4|]))
> The editor will only allow line 2 to be tabbed in either a single tab
> width... repeated tabs strikes just keeps toggling between 1 or 0  
> tabs.
> Once line 2 is tabbed in one tab, line 3 will only tab in 1 or 2 tab
> markers.
> I think this is just some quirkiness with the editor implementation...
> but it doesn't happen with other editors in Eclipse. Of course I can
> enter as many spaces as I want.. but that's not exactly desired.
> Ideally, I'd like to be able to tab arbitrary lines at will.
> This is my preferred formatting of the above (showing tab markets):
> 1|#set ($sorts = $searchTool.getSorts([
> 2|->	->	["modified", "LONG_TYPE", true],
> 3|->	->	["_custom-title", "STRING_TYPE", false]
> 4|->	]))

Hmm, I tried your example and it works as you desire for me. I'm using  
Eclipse 3.4.1.  As I tab it continues to push the next line (line 2)  
out in indentation increments, which is also true for lines 3 and 4. I  
tried this in a file that only contains your example.  Maybe an  
Eclipse setting?

> 2 - (wish list) tool references in the context of the editor.
> It would be extremely slick if there were an editor preference which
> allowed listing the tools (by name) available in the context and
> associate a class (from the classpath), such that we can have content
> assist and auto-completion. Macros are working perfectly, but tools
> don't currently have any support. That would be extremely cool.

Yea, this would be a good feature, certainly the next feature to be  
worked on :)  the following plugin has this type of functionality:

However, Velocitywebedit has grown a little stale, and I'm not sure  
how well it works currently.  I've thought about moving my updated  
changes into Velocitywebedit, or getting what I need from  
Velocitywebedit.  I havn't dove into code yet so I'm not sure what is  
more practical.

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