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From "Gary M. Catlin" <>
Subject Multi line text strings
Date Fri, 15 May 2009 00:39:02 GMT

I am looking to implement new lines within a text string to simulate 
separate paragraphs.

In the code below, I am defining a local table structure with two 
columns; Control and CM.

#set ($RecCMs = [])

#set ($rec = { 'Control' : "Control1", 'CM' : "MyText1"}) #set ($n = 
#set ($rec = { 'Control' : "Control2", 'CM' : "Mytext2"}) #set ($n = 

I would like to replace the value of "MyText1" with a multi line string, 
such as the following:

1. Do this
2. Do that
3. Do the other

Eventually, I would like the entire content of $RecCMs.CM to be 
displayed in a table.


How do I go about defining the text string so that "new lines" are observed?

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