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From Mark Fenbers <>
Subject Re: Resource from a jar file
Date Tue, 16 Jun 2009 01:54:25 GMT
Amidst this dialog, the thought occurred to me that templates are made 
to be customized (or what would be the point of Velocity?), and so I 
realized that these template really don't belong in a Jar file anyway.  
If they were, people who know little about Java would have to un-jar the 
templates, modify them, and re-jar them before my app would read them.  
So it now makes sense to just read these from the file system, rather 
than from a jar file...

Thanks, anyway, as I learned some important things in the process.


Nathan Bubna wrote:
> Can you put your jar in the classpath and use the
> ClasspathResourceLoader instead of going through the file system?
> I've never used the JarResourceLoader, and i haven't really got time
> to dig in and see why it isn't working for you right now...

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