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From <>
Subject RE: Display of velocity template emails in clients that might not display HTML
Date Fri, 28 Aug 2009 18:14:51 GMT

I implemented a multipart mime email in Java using velocity templates.  I used one template
for the HTML version and another template for the text version.  Both templates used the same
variable names for substitution.  The beauty of doing this with Velocity was that I could
open the HTML version with a browser and see what the email would look like.  I could also
edit the email with an HTML Authoring tool.  The text version was equally easy to review and

The Java code that creates and sends multipart mime email messages puts the HTML Body and
the Text Body in two different objects.

When trying to test the text part of the multipart mime email I found it very hard to find
a client that would display the text version.  Outlook says that it has a text option but
I found that it displayed the HTML Version minus the HTML Markup.  The only way I could display
the text version was to use gmail.  They have a "garbled message" option which will display
the text version.  Maybe there are email clients for the vision impaired that use the text
version.  I was left wondering who would see the text version.


Todd McClintock

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From: Pradnya Gawade [] 
Sent: Friday, August 28, 2009 10:58 AM
Subject: Display of velocity template emails in clients that might not display HTML


I am planning to use multipart email messages so that both HTML
supporting and HTML not supporting clients will be able to read the
message properly. My question is can it be implemented with Velocity
Engine or I will have to necessarily go for template library such as
FreeMarker? I already have implemented Velocity based email in my web
application, so I was thinking if I have to change my implementation
or I can modify the same to make use of multipart messages.

Thanks in advance.

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